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To be a coach, volunteers must register for the Washington Youth Soccer Background Check. You can review the  instructions hereCoaches need not reapply for a background check if you did this for Spring 2018 as background checks are good for one year.

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All WCYSA affiliated club volunteers and coaches must register with their club through the online registration system. Please submit your coaches application through this link:

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Byte Size Soccer Training Curriculum–Click here to view
Click on coaches login and then you will need a user name (wcysa) and password (soccer) all lower case.

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Most 8 and 9 year-olds are eager to develop their skills. They want to be able to kick the ball further and steal the ball from their opponents. Remember that the concentration level is still low and so at least half the practice should be small-sided games. Now you can begin to introduce larger numbers into end-of-session scrimmages for example 5v5. The game is for all players. Everyone should be encouraged to participate, particularly the “non-assertive” player.

Under 8 & 9 Coaches Training Packet
WCYSA U8 & U9 Coaches Clinic

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WCYSA U10 & Up Coaches Clinic

Boys and Girls at this age have a willingness to learn when placed in situations that are fun and challenging. Players should not be wingers, strikers, or fullbacks at this time in their soccer development. The duty of the coach is to give each player the opportunity to develop all the skills in all the positions.

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If players continue to play soccer through their early teens, then chances are they enjoy the game and are serious about improving their abilities. At this age players are able to grasp more tactical concepts. Teams can begin to functionally train each position. Even though the technical ability still needs to be polished, now we can start tackling the players’ decision making. Questions like why and when can be answered at this stage.

General Age Group Coaching Information

Drills and Activities